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Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What is your minimum order?
a.    25 balloons or 100 napkins.
2.    What is normal production time?
a.    2-3 business days.
3.    Do you ship balloons inflated?
a.    No. Balloons are shipped flat and not inflated.
4.    Are the napkin inks non-toxic?
a.    Yes. We use only water based inks.
5.    Are your balloons helium quality and biodegradable?
a.    Yes. Our balloons are fully biodegradable. Our helium quality balloons can also be used with air or nitrogen if needed.
6.    What is the float time of your balloon?
a.    Float time is based on a number of factors such as size of balloon, indoors or outdoors, and weather conditions. For example, a 12” balloon inflated and placed indoors in approximately 70 degrees will float about 12 hours. Our smaller 10” balloon would float for about 8 hours. Placing balloons outside in higher heat or humidity will drastically reduce float time.
7.    Do you charge for artwork or set up charges?
a.    No. As long as you send artwork files as stipulated on our website, we will not charge a fee for this.
8.    Do you guarantee your product or service?
a.    Actually you will approve your order, artwork, and delivery date. If we don't follow through with your request we will pick up your order and issue a full refund.
9.    Is the color of products I order the color I get?
a.    What you see online varies somewhat. All computer monitors display colors slightly differently than what the actual color is.
10.Can I have my napkins printed in different positions?
a.    Yes. With our special design tool you can have us print your napkins in one of 4 different print positions.